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Vefa circuits

São Miguel is the largest of the islands in the Azores archipelago. Volcanic in nature, the island has a temperate oceanic climate and much to discover.


The Sete Cidades Volcano gave rise to two lakes that live side by side, one blue and the other green. Located in the westernmost part of the island, this is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal, and can be seen, in all its grandeur, from the Miradouro da Vista do Rei, named in honor of the presence of King D. Carlos and the Queen. D. Amélia, in 1901. Another point of interest is the area of Furnas, with its fumaroles, but also hot and medicinal waters, sought after for treatments. It is recommended that you enjoy the different flavors of mineral waters, which spring naturally and are offered in numerous natural sources.

In addition to the natural landscapes, São Miguel is also distinguished by the numerous churches and monuments that give color to the city of Ponta Delgada, all facing the sea and the marina, with its boats flirting with the sea.

Discover the tea and pineapple plantations. This island has a lot to offer to those who visit it and offers options for all tastes. Among the many suggestions for activities, we highlight diving, whale watching and swimming with dolphins, hiking, geotourism in the Caldeira do Vulcão das Furnas, in the Caldeira do Vulcão do Fogo, in the Lagoa do Congro and in the Caldeira do Vulcão das Sete. Cities, golf, a thermal health and well-being program, sport fishing, sailing, surfing and bodyboarding, canyoning, canoeing and kayaks, paragliding, biking and mountain biking, horseback riding and bird watching.




The insurer does not assume any claim when the origin of the damage to the insured is the Covid-19 pandemic (either by cancellation or interruption of the trip due to force majeure), including if the destination is harmed due to Covid-19, the origin/destination borders are closed due to Covid-19 or the customer cannot use the original means of transport due to the pandemic, etc."

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